Christina  Closs

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The Iliad, The Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less 30 Greek Characters The Rogers Center For The Arts
    (dir:Evan Kelly)
The Odyssey
   (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)
Zeus/Menelaus/Cyclops/Antiope Ragnarok Productions
   (dir:Nathaniel Scott)
Lizzie of Fall River Emma Borden The Company Theatre
  (dir:Steven Dooner)
The Visit Doctor NŁsslin/Woman 2/Journalist Apollinaire Theatre
  (dir:Danielle F-Jacques)
The Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove: A Pirate's Tale
Tinker Fred/Pie Rat/Merv Maid/CC Starfish)
National Theatre for Children
  (dir:Jon Mikkelsen)
The Energized Guyz
and the Conservation Caper
Nikki Neutron National Theatre for Children
  (dir:Heather Meyer
 dir 2nd run: Pat Rowan)
Stone Soup
The Dance Hall Girl
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Romeo and Juliet
Lady Capulet
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Karen Ruch)
The Emperor's New Clothes
Smedley Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Alex Jane Bailey)
Hansel and Gretel Nasty/Evil Witch Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Melissa Nicholson)
Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner:
A Sort of Romantic Comedy
Gilda Radner
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Rumpelstiltskin Rumpelstiltskin Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Lady Roweena Roddingquist
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
The Golden Goose
Little Red Riding Hood
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Hamlet The Player Queen Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
A Midsummer Night's Dream Helena/Snout/Peaseblossom Gamut Classic Theatre
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Poe: Much of Madness
Montressor/Ensemble Gamut Classic Theatre
  (dir:David Ramon Zayas)
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty/Good Fairy/
Fairy Sour Puss/Butcher/ Baker/Old
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
All's Well That Ends Well
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Tales From Ancient Greece
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Thumbelina Thumbelina's Mother/
Toad Mother/Ms. Field Mouse
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Melissa Nicholson)
The Elves and the Shoemaker Chico Elf Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
The Frog Prince The Princess Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
The Sunshine Boys Sketch Nurse
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Ms. Teddleywoinks/Mrs. Claus/Suzy
Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Barefoot in Athens
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Hamlet Marcellus/Gertrude/Rosencrantz Gamut Classic Theatre
  (dir:Melissa Nicholson)
Fazeem/Aladdin's Mother/
Genie of the Lamp/Genie of the Ring

Popcorn Hat Players
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Energized Guyz:
Daylight Savings Crime
Nikki Neutron National Theatre for Children
  (dir:Pat Rowen)
Oklahoma! Gertie Cummings The Lost Colony
  (dir:Barbara Hartwig)
The Lost Colony Margery Harvie
Dame Coleman Understudy (performed)
The Lost Colony
  (dir:Robert Richmond)
Lysistrata Myrrhine/Peace Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Karen Ruch)
Julius Caesar Portia/Pindarus/Clitus/Servant to Octavius
Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
  (dir:Clark Nicholson)
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Madame Jourdain National Theatre for Arts & Education
  (dir:Brian Olsen)
The Story of Anne Frank Mrs. Frank National Theatre for Arts & Education
  (dir:Shirley Serotsky)
Hobsonís Choice Alice The Peterborough Players
(dir:Jonathan Bank)
The Winterís Tale Emilia
    (Asst. Choreographer/Dance Captain)
The Peterborough Players
(dir:Jana Tift)
King John
Constance The Hartt School
(dir:Malcolm Morrison)
A Christmas Carol:
A Ghost Story of Christmas
Belle/Mrs. Fred
The Hartford Stage
  (dir:Jeremy Cohen)
The Ruling Class Grace Shelley The Hartt School
(dir:Peter Craze)
The Merchant of Venice Jessica
The Hartt School
(dir:Stevie Zimmerman)
    (World Premiere)
Susan Baker
The Hartt School
(dir:Malcolm Morrison)
All In The Timing Kafka/Dawn/Woman 1 The Hartt School
(dir:Henry Fonte)


Aspen Dental
    (Employment Recruiting)
Voice Over (Website) Mix One Studios
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
    (Automobile Financing)

Voice Over (TV & Radio) PSECU
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
    (Automobile Financing)
Voice Over (TV & Radio) PSECU
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
(Home Equity Line of Credit)
Voice Over (TV & Radio) PSECU


Godmothered Sledding Townsperson Walt Disney Pictures
Stronger Runner Twentieth Century Fox
Patriot's Day
Runner CBS Films
Airline Passenger Twentieth Century Fox
The Finest Hours
Walt Disney Pictures/Whitaker Entertainment
Damage Control
Sharon (Lead)
UMass Filmmaking Club
    (48 Hour Film Project)
*Territory Shelly (Lead) Student Film
    (Boston University)
Uncanny Harbor Doctor Novak (Supporting) Crashland Pictures
Romeo & Juliet: Seasons Juliet: Summer (Supporting)
Ragnarok Productions
*The Cure
Rose (Supporting)
Student Film
    (Boston College)
*Quid Pro Quo Sally (Supporting) RedTere Productions
*The Man Who Had Too Much Empathy
Ms. Daily (Supporting)
Student Film
    (Wesleyan Univerity)
Yoga Instructor (Principle) Student Film
My Nihilism Corinna (Principle)
Student Film
    (Fitchburg State University)
*The Widow Doctor Freeman (Principle) Student Film
The Case of Isabel Rafferty Detective Veil (Principle) Student Film
    (University of Hartford)


RoseForce Monica Tello (Lead)
Perro Films & Amazon Prime


T.M.I Improv Troupe Ensemble Member
(Performing both short and long form
improvisational comedy)

Gamut Classic Theatre,
Midtown Scholar Book Store,
Shubin Theatre
2011 Harrisburg Improv Throw Down


Advanced Auditioning for Film & Television Kyle Crand CP Casting
Intermediate Auditioning for Film & Television
Kyle Crand CP Casting
Acting for the Camera
Michael Fennimore  Media Performance Institute at Boston Casting
Screen Acting 101
Jennifer Salvucci, Ann Baker, M. Lynda Robinson
Media Performance Institute at Boston Casting

Alan Rust, Diana Moller-Marino, Robert Davis, Henry Fonte
Acting for the Camera David Watson
Alexander/Laban Annmarie Davis
Dialects Johanna Morrison
Intensive Shakespeare Training
      [Birmingham, England]
Annemarie Francis, Nick Hutchison, Peter Craze, Ilona Linthwaite
Linklater Technique Robert Davis
Shakespearean Context/Text & Performance Humphrey Tonkin
Stage Combat
      [Stage Violence, Broadsword, Rapier]
Kevin Coleman & John Crois
    (Shakespeare and Company)
Text Analysis Robert Ruggiero
View Points Diana Moller-Marino

Special Skills:

    Dance: Jazz (7 years), Ballet (5 years), Lyrical (2 years); Aerial Silks (2 years), completed five sprint Triathlons, completed two half-marathons, green screen work, some French, valid US passport and driverís license, experience driving van & trailer, experience as a Stage Manager/Assistant Director/Costume & Props Manager, good with children, certified in CPR & First Aid, Current participant of the Shakespeare 2020 Project

*These projects can be found on Christina's YouTube Channel under the 'Film Work' playlist.  All commercial work can be found under the "Voice Over" playlist.*